The Irish House, Koregaon Park


Nitesh HUB is the home to some of the big shopping brands and also one of my favourite restaurant, Bombay Brasserie. Coming right next to it is this amazing pub which not only looks tempting from outside but the moment you step in, you feel as if you are teleported to one of those typical Irish taverns where there is a comforting vibe to the whole place and you see wood all around with some amazing beers on the tap.
The place is huge in space and has a dedicated area for live performances. The decor has a glossy wood finish to it which pumps up the overall appeal of the place.

Had heard a lot about their food as there are very few pubs which have equally amazing food to go along with their delicious beers.

Some of the dishes that we had;


1.Spinach N Cheese Jammers [Rs. 345]:
Cheese sticks infused with spinach served with sweet chilli jam. The flavour of the spinach was underpowered but these were perfectly cheesy!



2. Jalapeno and Corn Cheese Fritters [Rs. 325]:
Crunchy fritters having a stuffing of corn, cheese and jalapenos. Served with a sweet chilli jam which gives the dish a distinct flavour. This is something that I could keep munching on.


3.Shroom Melt [Rs. 395]:
A complete meal for one burger! having mushroom patty with 4 types of cheese topped with caramelised onion. Served with a portion of golden fried onion rings and chipotle mayo. Something which all mushroom fans should definitely give a try. The burger not only leaves a tantalizing taste on your tongue but makes you crave for more.


4.Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Bowl [Rs. 525]:
It is again like a meal-for-one bowl. Big pieces of cottage cheese grilled in peri peri served with pepper mushrooms and couscous which is a Maghrebi dish of small steamed balls of crushed durum wheat semolina, looking like rice it tastes kind of different. I felt the dish to be too dry and think that it would have been better if there was a gravy to it too.

The Irish Riverdance

5.The Irish Riverdance [Rs. 575]:
I bet you will never have a dessert like this anywhere else. A beer mug layered with gooey brownie, vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate bites, chocolate truffles, chocolate coated cookies, topped with caramel sauce, caramelised nuts and if you think this is less then wait till some larger beer if poured over the dessert to give it an Irish appeal. A must try!


6.Nutty Caramel Pie [Rs. 345]:
If you feel the Irish Riverdance is too much for you then you can blindly order one of these. A gooey caramel and peanut butter pie layered with rich chocolate ganache and served with caramel sauce. I personally like the pie without the caramel sauce as it made it too sweet.

The Irish House is definitely your go-to place after a hectic day at work with your buddies to chill and spend some good time. They have interesting offers and events lined up all week long. I would like to thank the team for the amazing hospitality and a big thank you to Svetlana from Carpe Diem for the invite.


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