Spicy Chicken Alfredo Pasta


This spicy chicken alfredo pasta is one of my favorite pastas because of its spicy quotient. It’s super easy and super yum!

Chicken Alfredo PastaEvery time I make a new pasta recipe, it becomes my new go-to pasta! I could not help it! This spicy chicken alfredo pasta too is no different. We both are totally in love with this creamy and spicy flavor combination and hence it’s appearing here today for all you lovely readers. This spicy chicken alfredo pasta is a super easy pasta recipe; even if you have never made a pasta dish till date you will be able to pull this through and that too with guaranteed success!

Since we are talking about pasta today, that reminded me that during my recent short trip to USA, I visited Cheesecake Factory (Yes! Their cheesecakes are amazing!) few times and tried their different pastas each time. I would not lie to you that I loved all of them; but mostly I loved their food. The one I loved most was the Louisiana chicken pasta and I could not get over it even long after I had it the very first time! Unfortunately, Cheesecake Factory is yet to open in India and until then I will have to try hard to find a copycat recipe for the same!

Chicken Alfredo PastaChicken Alfredo PastaI was badly missing my kitchen when I was in US especially when I was visiting any supermarket. I had covered all the supermarkets in Danbury during my 2 months stay there and loved them all. I was so glad to see the ingredients which are somewhat difficult to source here in India e.g. readymade piecrust, biscuit dough etc. But as the saying goes that every difficulty throws a challenge to you to turn it into opportunity and that’s exactly what I had tried to do – we don’t get readymade pie crust here so I make my own! How cool is that! If you too are looking for a fail-proof pie crust recipe which will work for both sweet and savory baking then you must click here!

Since I have already made you happy with best ever pie crust recipe, let me go a little overboard and make you happier with this nifty little recipe of spicy chicken alfredo pasta. I love Cajun seasoning and it pairs really well with creamy alfredo pasta; we love the spicy kick from red chili flakes too! I have omitted flour from my alfredo sauce as I liked it that way, I feel flour makes it too thick to my liking and comes in the way of other aromatics. The cheese and cream make the sauce enough thick to coat each strand of pasta as well as give a wonderful flavor. I added few handful of fresh basil leaves which may not be very authentic but I could not resist the fresh produce from our own kitchen garden. Plus I like specs of green in my food and it doesn’t hurt anybody! Does it? Trust me you will love it too! Try this spicy chicken alfredo pasta and let me know how it faired at your dinner table. I am waiting!

Chicken Alfredo Pasta



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